Admission Policy



CJs Bowling prides itself on offering an all-round, family entertainment
experience. We receive visits from everyone, especially kids, so please
behave appropriately and considerately at all times.
Anyone who is considered to be intimidating or aggressive to our customers or
team members will be asked to leave immediately and will be refused future
admission at all of our centres.
We want to see your smiling faces, so please remove your hoods and caps as
you enter.
Under 18’s are also only allowed in our premises after 8pm with a
responsible adult/parent or legal guardian. We will ask for proof of your age.
Please comply with our non-smoking policy.
You will love the food and drink we have on offer. So please do not bring food or
drink in from elsewhere.
Our team members are brilliant and very valuable to us, so please treat them
with the respect they deserve.
The Management reserve the right at all times to search customers or refuse
admission at our absolute discretion at any time.
If you have any feedback about the admission policy we would like to hear
from you. Please contact us via the feedback form in the contact us section
with any queries and comments.

Alcohol and social responsibility

We operate our licensed bowling centre responsibly, safely and within the law.
We want guests to enjoy visiting us and to find safe, welcoming environments,
which neither condone nor encourage excessive drinking. We support the
objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 and the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005.
We always seek to work closely and constructively with the key authorities,
including Police, Fire, Environmental Health and Local Authorities.